Salonorkest (quintet) SOFA

Salon Quintet (or, in Dutch; Salonorkest) SOFA is an ensemble of 
long standing and broad experience, having been started by five
students of the Royal Conservatoire (The Hague) in 1987.  
With a repertoire from Strauss to Gershwin, and including any number 
of long-forgotten-but-"Hot" composers of the 1920s & 30s, we've been 
adding colour and style to dinners, parties, congresses, and have 
performed concerts and broadcasts all over The Netherlands for years.
We like to think we can offer a more interesting "Sound" than your 
average salon ensemble, having a flute and clarinet as well as the 
usual violin, `cello and piano. If you're still bored, there are 
jazzy solos for kazoo, swannee whistle and antique auto-horn, which
have been known to wake even the most hardened concert sleep-goers.

SOFA CD now available


Named after the wooden 1930's flute preferred by Dominy Clements, 
Duo Hofinger has central to its repertoire numbers such as
The Flight of the Bumble Bee, and diverse twiddly "unplayable" works,
like the Chopin Variations on a theme of Rossini, Genin's "Carnival of Venice" 
and the Drouet Variations on "God Save The King".  
From baroque to jazz, Duo Hofinger is highly flexible 
(from funeral to festival), and when the flautist is away somwhere wiping off the sweat, 
pianist Johan Cnossen can fill in 
with Schubert Impromptus, Chopin Waltzes, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff, Ravel, 
and a cracking arrangement of the "Stars and Stripes" which will blow your socks off!

Duo Hofinger toured sucessfully in Australia in February 2004
with a programme which included 'Four Periphrastic Amphigouri'
by Dominy Clements.

Hofinger CD now available


Is a trio specialising in performances of contemporary music,
and of rarely heard (and spectacularly underrated) works by composers
such as Bohuslav Martinu, Dominy Clements, Ton de Leeuw,
Joost van Balkom, Rudolf Escher, and the like.
Instrumentation: Flute(bass/subcontrabassflute/piccolo), 
bassclarinet (clarinet), piano.

3-Orm's CD is now available, with:

Dominy Clements - Extant, Extinct
Joost van Balkom - Trine
Jos Post - Lus
Stephen Truelove - Ching
Dominy Clements - Holistic Sorites
Andrew Keeling - Distant skies, mountains and shadows
Ton Bruynèl - Nocturno en Pedraza
Marion de Laat - Moment
Dominy Clements - The Pemtrithone Deletions

Les Plombières

Recently formed trio, with clarinet (Joost van Balkom),
piano (Johan Cnossen) and subcontrabass flute (Dominy Clements).
This unconventional, surprisingly effective
and eyecatching combination is currently
making arrangements of new repertoire.

...and not to forget:

CD currently in preparation
Soundfiles and full information available via


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